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Thread: Omegle Trolling

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    Omegle Trolling

    Post your trolling conversations from the site omegle, here.

    It's where you connect to a random person and get to talk to them.

    Stranger: Hi. M here
    You: hi im fmale
    You: where are you from?
    Stranger: Usa ohio
    Stranger: Age?
    You: 17
    Stranger: Oh, I'm 28
    Stranger: Too old?
    You: nah
    You: so what u up to?
    Stranger: Thanks! I'm steve
    Stranger: Chatting!
    You: same here :(
    You: i live in the uk
    You: its pretty boring
    Stranger: Bored!
    Stranger: What r u wearing?
    You: a burkha
    Your conversational partner has disconnected
    You: hi
    Stranger: asl
    You: f 13 italy
    Stranger: big dick here
    You: asl? name?
    Stranger: 17 m india
    Stranger: u can add me on facebook
    or see my profile...
    You: why did you say that you have a big dick?
    Stranger: coz i have it
    You: whho cares?
    Stranger: Girls like it..
    You: yes but girls also dont like indians
    Stranger: its the cheap mentality of girls
    You: go worship a cow
    Stranger: see
    Stranger: whom are you talking with....
    You: wow what an ugly black face
    You: did you wash yourself with shit?
    Stranger: I dnt give a fuck about what you think
    Stranger: I dnt need to debate with you
    You: then you talk to me in the first place you moron?
    You: go have sex with your sacred cows instead
    Stranger: motherfucker
    Stranger: bitchass
    Stranger: dnt say anythng
    You: there
    You: see who youre talking with
    You: follow the link
    Stranger: Y do u think indians are inferior?
    You: follow the link and ill tell you
    Stranger: wait
    You: did you like the pic?
    Stranger: gross
    You: go fuck a cow
    Stranger: plz dnt say like this
    Stranger: Dont insult any1's religion....
    You: you gay niggers are a disgrace to humanity
    Stranger: ur idiot
    You: Der Fuhrer should have killed you too
    You: SIEG HEIL
    Stranger: HE CANT DARE TO
    You: if I were there i would have turned you to soap
    Stranger: Do u know the militiary power of India?
    Stranger: 4th largest in the world....
    You: yeah but its full of retards, faggots and niggers
    You: i would hhave put AAAAAAALLL of you in the oven
    Stranger: Are you nuts?
    You: yeah wanna fuck me?
    You: wanna fuck my cunt?
    Stranger: Go to hell...
    Stranger: You are sick....!!!!!
    You: yeah i am
    You: cmon wanna lick my boobs?
    You: do you?
    Stranger: sure...
    You: wanna finger me?
    Stranger: yes...
    You: ok do you want to have sex with me?
    Stranger: y not
    You: say yes or no
    Stranger: yes
    You: NOTICE TO PARTICIPANT: The Central Intelligence Agency has logged a record of this chat along with the IP addresses of the participants due to violation of United States federal law. VIOLATION: Solicitation of a minor. IMPORTANT: If you believe this chat to be logged in error, please state your reasons to the C.I.A. Monitoring agent observing this chat and quote reference number 3744956127. Failure to do so within the next 2 minutes will result in your IP address being entered in our criminal database and prosecution. Your IP address has been recorded by the Child Internet Service Protection Agency. Please wait while reference code 3744956127 is entered into the database.
    You: Your IP has been recorded by the C.I.A..
    Stranger: NO!
    You: In two minutes we will have all your personal information.
    Stranger: please don't do it...
    You: You are going to be arrested for sexual harassment.
    Stranger: आवरा ...........
    Your conversational partner has disconnected.
          You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
          Stranger: [WARNING: Omegle™ is required under United States Federal Law to inform you that the IP ( of the person whom you are chatting with is linked to a registered sex offender. Omegle™ encourages you to consider this when giving out personal information. The stranger cannot see this message.]
          You: hi
          You: what is that?
          Stranger: Hey
          Stranger: what?
          Stranger: whats what?
          You: nothing.
          You: asl?
          Stranger: 30/m/usa
          Stranger: you ? :)
          You: 15/f/cali
          Stranger: Oh!!
          Stranger: I live in california too!
          You: oH?
          You: socal?
          Stranger: what?
          You: southern california?
          Stranger: No
          Stranger: northern
          You: oh
          You: me too
          You: :P
          Stranger: how funny
          You: yes
          You: im bored
          Stranger: :)
          You: no
          You: show me your penis
          Stranger: I-..
          Stranger: you're 15
          You: so?
          You: im horny
          Stranger: Haha. Yeah, i don't give a shit. i'm a fucking registered sex offender
          You: really???
          Stranger: [WARNING: Omegle™ is required under United States Federal Law to inform you that the IP ( of the person whom you are chatting with is linked to a registered sex offender. Omegle™ encourages you to consider this when giving out personal information. The stranger cannot see this message.]
          You: oh
          You: hmm
          Stranger: bitch
          Stranger: slut
          Stranger: fucking whore
          You: i like to live dangerously
          You: :)
          You: i like it
          Stranger: jesus, what would your parents think?
          Stranger: my god
          You: /b/itch
          Stranger: FUCK
          Stranger: WHORE
          You: hahaha
          Stranger: SHIT
          You: XD
          Your conversational partner has disconnected.

    I'll be posting more soon.
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    Actually not bad Grim

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    Jesus Grim. Trolling Registered Sex Offenders lol.
    I did like the first one however. What ya wearin?
    Burka.... Disconnected. lol.
    Home of the Damned!--> FTW Forum

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    Meh thought I would give it a shot.

                 You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
    Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
    Stranger: 18 , f , horny
    You: Wow that is awesome
    Stranger: are you horny
    You: Indeed.
    Stranger: talk dirty to me
    Stranger: make me orgasm
    You: OK. Not very good at this but I will do my best. Not done it before
    Stranger: its okay
    Stranger: try your best
    You: OK Swill buck filled with pigs vomit, regurgiated half masticated offal and random deposits of faeces. Fuck I am actually not bad. 
    You: Fuck I am horny
    You: I could roll in that shit all day
    You: Damn is it hot in here or what?
    You: Mudslides and unclean toilets and a descent into unseen sewers.....
    You: Ok your turn
    Stranger: that was terrible
    You: Indeed and exciting or have I missed the whole point of talking dirty?
    You: What about Rat infested basements unclean for years and tripping into it face first. That would be kind of dirty
    You: Certainly not clean
    Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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    Ever chatted to a crazy person?

    You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
    Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
    Stranger: hii
    You: Hello
    You: How you doing?
    Stranger: good and yourself?
    You: Really good
    You: Do you believe in the Illuminatii?
    You: Sorry bit random
    Stranger: i dont have a clue what that is .. could you explain it to me?
    You: Sure.
    You: There is a theory that the powerful families in Europe actually are that influential and powerful that they dictate much of the global ins and outs
    You: The majority of the world are puppets to their machinations
    You: I didn't until...
    You: three days ago
    Stranger: why?
    You: Well I believe that it filters down (power and misuse) through various intermediatries
    You: The media is controlled by a select few and have immense power and so does the psycholgists and laemakers
    You: lawmakers
    You: Anyhow....
    You: Three days ago I decided to "buck the system"
    Stranger: how so?
    You: Well before my trial I was told by both my lawyer (yeah see above) AND my shrink (see above) that before my trial I ought to stay on my medication for Schitzophrenia
    You: I think they were trying to make me a lamb to the slaughter at trial
    Stranger: did you take the meds?
    You: Hell no and I see things better now. They are evil.
    You: All of them.
    You: They are corrupt.
    Stranger: what country do you live in?
    You: The people that were stalking me deserved it
    Stranger: italy?
    You: Another oppressed regime
    You: Mafia has nothing on the power and influence of Rothchild
    You: The police are puppets 
    You: They deserved it and their cars could be replaced
    You: I keep hearing knocks on my door at 2 am and when I check there is no-one there.
    You: They are trying to force me into doing something crazy but I am onto them
    You: I have been researching somethings on the internet that will protect me
    You: Going back to the old ways before the days of Rothchild
    You: Pagan ways
    You: Hello?
    Stranger: yes
    Stranger: im here 
    You: Nothing worse than trying to get inside someones head and play with your mind and they do it to us all by appealing to our consumerism
    You: Our belief of media and religion and want to "fit in"
    You: We become drones....lambs to the slaughter
    You: No me and at trial I will be protected from their brainwashing
    You: Makes sense all of it now
    You: Why would they deny? Because they are trying to control but controlled themselve by individuals higher in power and influence than they are
    Stranger: well, i live in america and if anything like this ever happened, youll have a bunch of angry people
    You: They think they own the game but they are soldiers for a cause that they don't believe in
    You: If you have a sec just google something for me
    You: "Federal reserve". 
    You: That is truth, fact and scary
    You: See it sounds like a government institution and people don't question it
    You: This is scary
    You: You got that link?
    Stranger: yep
    You: This is the central banking system of America run by a handful of powerful Eurpoean families that have a licence to print their own money....literally
    You: The banking institutions that own shares in it are all rich affluent members of the world.
    You: Head of is the Rothchild familt.
    You: family
    You: This family and others have been financial backers of most political appoimtments and own or have majority shares in Media, Infrastructure and banking and practically every aspect of our consumer lifestyles.
    You: They are not confined to th laws of the world they make and break people at whim
    You: Not me
    You: They are like demons
    Your conversational partner has disconnected.
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    LOL, best conversation YET
    You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
    Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
    You: Hiya
    You: x
    Stranger: YO!
    Stranger: Hao r u???
    You: im feeling very good thanks! How about you
    You: ?
    Stranger: I'm feeling good also
    Stranger: Wats ur name?
    You: My name is Sabrina
    You: it's a pretty odd name
    You: what about yours?
    Stranger: My name is Lokesh yadav
    Stranger: Where r u from?
    You: LOL I TROL U
    Stranger: hmmm
    Stranger: So sabrina where r u from???
    You: i live in the UK but my parents are from Bangladesh
    You: where r u from?
    Stranger: Ok
    Stranger: I'm from Dehradun currently in Kanpur
    Stranger: India Ofcourse
    Stranger: Have u ever been to india???
    You: no, ive never been there, but i'd like to... what is it like?
    Stranger: India is a great place
    You: but indians are obsessed with cows :\
    Stranger: No that used to happen ion villages
    Stranger: India is developing
    Stranger: now
    You: ah I see.
    Stranger: How old r u?
    You: i am 22 years old
    You: and how old are you?
    Stranger: I'm 19
    Stranger: I guess u r not a girl
    You: i am a girl lol
    You: where do you work?
    You: do you like cows?
    Stranger: yes very much
    Stranger: We like every animal but cow we have some religious importance
    You: i prefer humans to animals :\
    You: but thats cool
    You: i like learning about other people's religions
    You: and their erm... practises
    Stranger: Okay ur perception
    You: what do you do with your cows?
    You: in religious festivals
    Stranger: i told u i'm 19
    Stranger: sorry ignore the last line
    Stranger: I dont have a cow and we dont have such festivals they r celebrated in villages
    Stranger: and i dont know mich abt that
    Stranger: And y the hell r v discussing coes
    Stranger: Cows
    Stranger: Tell me somethng abt urself
    You: Ha we can discuss whatever you want us to discuss ;)
    You: yes what would you like to know? :)
    Stranger: R u on facebook
    Stranger: C i'm chatting for half an hour and not finding any genuine person herwe
    Stranger: here*
    Stranger: If u genuinely want to chat lets continue
    You: yeah we shall
    You: I dont have facebook unfortunately, though
    Stranger: Orkut???
    You: no i have msn
    You: thats all
    You: do you have it?
    Stranger: Yes u can check it
    Stranger: Frst thng frst tell me ur real name.......
    Stranger: Cauz i know u r little bit lying
    You: my real name is Amy *embarassed*
    Stranger: Dont be
    Stranger: Okay tell somethng Y do u chat with fake names
    Stranger: Afraid of somethng
    Stranger: ????
    You: well i like to know a little about the person im talking to, before i release any details ;)
    You: but i like indian men, and i like you, so I'll tell you my real name
    Stranger: Hmmm.....i dont wat to say
    Stranger: Dont trust any1 so early
    You: nah, trust is life, Lokesh
    You: that is my morals
    Stranger: Ok
    You: so what's your msn?
    Stranger: i dont hav msn
    Stranger: i'm on orkut and facebook
    You: well that sucks
    You: so how are we supposed to contact each other?
    Stranger: U can have my no.
    You: oh yes, that would be pretty swell
    Stranger: or else my email
    You: yes
    You: ill have both
    Stranger: actually i need tell u that my name is lalit kumar not lokesh
    Stranger: and i thought the same actually
    Stranger: But c i am not pretending anything
    Stranger: U can check my id is valid
    You: yes i believe you, homie :)
    Stranger: I'm kind of afraid that if u r not genuine i'm waistng my time
    Stranger: i hav given u my Id
    Stranger: Atleast u can tell me ur facebook account i dont believe u dont have a facebook account
    You: If I give you my facebook account you'll realise who I really am
    Stranger: wats wrong with tha
    Stranger: that?
    You: Lol I'm not even a female, I'm just a Pakistani living in Britain fucking with you
    You: owned
    You: My name's Hamza
    You: LOL
    Stranger: Ok hamza
    Stranger: thats the way pakistani goes always filled with hatred
    You: i dont hate indians
    You: i just like annoying people over the net
    You: i do it to all people
    You: of all nationalities
    Stranger: Ok wats the time there in UK'
    You: 5:08
    Stranger: early u find time to cheat people
    Stranger: I need to go buddy
    You: okay dude
    You: see you later :)
    Stranger: i'm fed up with this chat
    You: :(
    You: it was fun
    Stranger: ok bye
    You: bye man
    Stranger: bye
    Stranger: And i dont hate pakistani
    You: I dont hate indians either, lol
    You: :)
    Stranger: :)

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    You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
    Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
    You: Hello
    Stranger: heyy:)
    You: Hello
    Stranger: asl
    You: Hello
    Stranger: Hi
    You: (You there? Nothing coming up)
    You: Hello
    Stranger: yea
    Stranger: i'm here
    You: ?
    You: Hello
    You: Hello
    Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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    You: Hey
    Stranger: hi
    Stranger: 18 male here
    You: 19 f here
    Stranger: a year younger
    You: Yes. I hope you like them old
    Stranger: yeah
    You: ya know
    You: When I hit 100
    Stranger: you can teach me
    Stranger: :)
    You: I started recounting the years
    You: So I'm 19
    You: Or
    You: 119
    You: Makes me feel younger young man
    You: Wouldn't you say?
    Stranger: fuck off !!!!
    Your conversational partner has disconnected.

    You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
    Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
    Stranger: Asl
    You: 19 female Canada
    Stranger: 20 male usa
    You: :)
    You: Tell me about yourself
    Stranger: Any pics
    You: Yes
    You: I do
    You: But you first?
    Stranger: Can I have the site
    You: I don't have a site :(
    You: Sorry
    You: Oh wait
    You: Yes I do
    You: :)
    Stranger: Wow
    You: Sorry, I'm kinda slow sometimes
    You: One sec
    Stranger: Ok
    Stranger: I'm waiting
    You: I got it
    You: :)
    Stranger: Can u give me the site
    You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
    Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
    You: Hey :)
    Stranger: hey
    Stranger: im 21 m
    Stranger: you?
    You: I'm a horny 18 yo female
    Stranger: can i see your pic baby
    You: You have to earn it :)
    Stranger: no
    Stranger: you have to show it
    You: So that's how you wanna play baby?
    You: Rough?
    You: In control?
    Stranger: no not rough
    You: Then tell me... how's this gonna play out?
    Stranger: but you can show your pic baby
    You: Hmmm
    Stranger: as you wish
    You: Persuade me
    Stranger: but how
    You: Make it to where I have to show you
    You: I like it when guys MAKE me take off my clothes
    Stranger: what have you wear?
    You: I'm wearing a sweater my grandma gave me
    You: And that's it
    Stranger: nothin else
    Stranger: sure?
    You: Oh
    You: And do you like hairy?
    Stranger: yea
    You: Good
    Stranger: do you?
    You: Well
    You: I guess
    You: My penis my get a little itchy though
    You: Depends on how soon you shaved

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    Dame Edna???

    You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
    Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
    You: Hello possums.
    Stranger: helloo
    Stranger: how are
    Stranger: you
    You: It is Dame Edna Everage here to tell you that you too can be a mega superstar like me
    Stranger: uh
    Stranger: ok
    Stranger: thank you
    You: All you need is to thickly apply make up and tuck away anything that dangles and you will be the belle of the ball
    Stranger: why are you telling me this
    You: Oh it is an onerous position having such knowledge I do like to share with the little people now and again
    You: This is why I have chosen completely randomly I assure you to pass on my insights
    Stranger: hmm
    Stranger: i honor your thoughts
    Stranger: really nice of you
    You: You don't need to thank me possum. Being in your life even momentarily is enough I feel
    You: It is a small sacrifice i lend you
    You: I consider it a borrowing because no doubt and in your own small way you will give back
    Stranger: yes, i hope i can do that
    You: I think that we ought to discuss whatever we want with starngers don't you?
    Stranger: yes, that is why i am here.
    You: We can all hold off the typical images of porn obsessed pimply sweaty houseridden teenagers jamming themselves behind computer screens
    You: I am sure you are hardly such a creature
    Stranger: yes, certainly, i hate those teens
    Stranger: but we can't change them can we?
    You: I think That were I to be discussing such things with such a teenage it would be a waste. More positive energy would be detailed in the mechanics of how to shower and put deodorant on oneself
    Stranger: hahahah
    Stranger: love that
    You: I suppose we all were teenagers once. Of course that seems so long ago.
    Stranger: well, for me it was just two years ago
    You: Course computers were big lumpy things they kept in offices of governments not personal computers
    You: 20 years old oh bless.
    You: So are you at school or married?
    Stranger: 21 actually
    Stranger: i did my college
    You: 21 my I remember 21 like it was yesterday
    You: Something to be said for senility LOL
    Stranger: lol
    You: You did your college. Fantastic and are you living on your own or still a burden on your family?
    You: I mean that in the nicest possible way of course
    Stranger: no, still a burden , pretty common where i live. but i will get a job soon
    Stranger: i am in IT
    You: Of course you will dear.
    Stranger: so its a fortune if done correctly
    You: Until you find the man of your dreams and then he will carry you off in a white charger...
    You: A fortune?
    You: In IT?
    Stranger: lol i am a guy! yes, a fortune, in IT?
    You: Was is an IT dear if you don't mind me asking. Is that some new kind of medical research?
    Stranger: Information Technology?
    You: Oh then you will have to be the fortune maker. .
    Stranger: computers? programming?
    You: My apologies dear.
    Stranger: oh it's okay
    You: Oh yes computer are the go but not for us old folk
    Stranger: how old are you?
    Stranger: not too old i guess
    You: Some of us have to make money the old fashion way and that is by being celebrities
    Stranger: it is not old fashion, just another serious job
    You: Oh bless your heart. Never too old I say and never ask th eage of a lady. I will get my picture for you
    Stranger: haha sorry, okay
    You: Oh dear look at that gooblegook
    Stranger: lol
    You: Bother
    Stranger: no, no
    Stranger: you look wonderful and happy!
    Stranger: hahaha
    You: There dear I hope the computer will show that.
    Stranger: its okay, i saw you
    You: Yes always happy and my mother always said "Smile like there is no tomorrow"
    Stranger: it is so true
    You: Of course she is long dead and there is no tomorrow for her so it became a bit of a pointless endvour for her didn't it?
    Stranger: but you still remember it!
    Stranger: and it matters a lot if you focus on that
    You: But then again you are right I remembered it and when worse comes to worse you always have your smile and your laugh and being able to laugh loud is the great gift you can give
    Stranger: i choose to live in the moments
    You: I am a patron of many hospitals and I like to go into the burns units and impart my gift of laughter to the young burns victim
    You: victims
    Stranger: oh, that is a huge help for them
    You: They tend even through the pain and discomfort become quite vocal and I feel I have helped immensely in their recovery
    Stranger: oh yes, you did
    You: So 21, big job and earning a fortune and a lot of life to live before you get old cynical and worn down
    You: Exceptional
    You: So is there any miss IT in your life?
    Stranger: not yet
    Stranger: i am just so busy in my work
    You: Oh well I am sure that work must take priority naturally and so long as you watch you don't get middle aged and fat behind a computer screen before you start socialising....
    Stranger: that is exactly what my parents tell me
    You: Still you men have all the time in the world to have children and things
    Stranger: but, work is work.
    You: Women are more constrained with these things
    Stranger: and i guess i can get social sometime soon
    Stranger: yes, i dont know a lot about then
    You: I would say that you are best making your fortune and finding a desperate to have children 30 year old spinster.
    Stranger: haha
    You: She would be happy to have a rich middle aged fat computer nerd. Not saying that you would be naturally.
    Stranger: haha
    You: Just that if you were you may not have a hard time
    Stranger: i am not fat
    Stranger: infact i eat
    Stranger: so much
    Stranger: that i cant go fat
    You: No dear and god willing you won't
    You: May have worms dear
    You: Or fast metabolism
    Stranger: yes, im not a biologist but my dad says i am fine
    You: Oh well I guess your Dad would know about these things. I mean he was a young man too once I am sure
    Stranger: lol
    Stranger: yes he was
    You: Well dear it has been a stupendous evening and I really ought not do this as late as I have. It has been simply marvellous talking with someone who is not an interviewer and someone that is really not importnat in the day to day world. But someone I feel in their own little way makes a small contribution to life
    You: I need to go to bed myself and retire for the evening
    Stranger: oh, i wish i had seen you in the tv here. i am from india, so i dont know much about
    Stranger: what you do
    Stranger: i saw your wikipedia entry
    Stranger: its amazing
    You: Oh possum.
    You: Yes it is very interesting being a superstar and a megastar housewife at that
    Stranger: haha, i am sure it is
    You: So Wikipedia has my article
    Stranger: yes, i guess, a man from queensland?
    You: Well there you go from TV into the internet jungle. Let's hope they don't find their way into the nasty sleazy side of the internet.
    Stranger: i think you are sleepy now, you must go get ready for tomorrow, hehe
    You: Queensland is one of our states here. Very nice place if you like humidity and cane toads
    Stranger: yes, i would love to come there any time
    You: Goodnight my Indian friend and all the very best at making your fortune
    Stranger: same to you! this was my best conversation ever!
    Stranger: i hope you continue to ignite many other minds too!
    Stranger: bye!
    You: Take care possum
    Stranger: bye! i will!
    Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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    Huntsville, Alabama

    63 of these days, given the extra minutes, I may try this myself.

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    Well meaning but confused

    You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
    Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
    Stranger: hi
    You: Hello
    You: How are you?
    Stranger: 18 f france
    Stranger: fine
    You: Hello France
    You: So France do you like science fiction?
    You: As a genre
    You: In movies and tv series?
    You: I do
    Stranger: sorry
    You: My favourite is Dr Who
    Stranger: mi name is monique
    You: Don't be sorry
    Stranger: my
    You: Oh That is Ok Monique. Much better name than France
    Stranger: thank you
    Stranger: and yours?
    You: France is a name of a country. Better used as that than a persons name
    You: Australia is my country and I prefer Dr Who over other sci-fi
    You: What is your preference
    You: /
    You: Are you into Star Wars? Star trek?
    Stranger: i want to ask you what is you name dear?!
    Stranger: i don't have one
    You: Oh that is OK just ask away I am not shy
    You: My name is Les
    Stranger: ok les..plejour
    Stranger: f/m?
    You: You don't have what a country?
    You: film?
    Stranger: no
    Stranger: no female or male
    Stranger: ?
    You: Are you inbetween citizenships statuses? Where do you want to be?
    You: You aren't female or male?
    You: Are you gender confused? I won't judge?
    Stranger: sorry i don't understand anything of our dicution........
    You: Each of us finds it hard growing up and learning who we are
    You: It is Ok.
    Stranger: yes..
    Stranger: by
    Stranger: !!
    You: Bye
    Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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    This was a bit low quality and racist but thought i'd post it anyway:
    You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
    Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
    Stranger: hio
    You: Black people are less evolved than white people
    Stranger: r u joking
    You: no I'm not
    You: you can tell
    You: from their wide noses
    You: and ape like hair
    Stranger: m/f
    You: that they're fair less evolved
    You: Black people are less evolved than white people
    You: Black people are less evolved than white people
    You: Black people are less evolved than white people
    Stranger: n big `cock
    You: no
    You: black people have tiny cocks
    Stranger: did u seeit before
    You: i've seen them in public toilets
    You: they try to hide them
    You: and ive seen gorillas in zoos
    Stranger: see the blue
    You: yeah
    You: its dirt
    You: lol
    Stranger: see u rself
    You: what are you talking about you silly fucktard?
    You: fucking nigger
    Stranger: mather chod
    You: what the fuck does that mean
    You: seriously
    You: learn to speak english
    You: you god-damn gormo
    Stranger: doughter fucker
    You: lol says you
    Stranger: fk urself
    You: you're the indian
    You: go worship a cow
    You: or have sex with one

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    You: Atheism must die
    Stranger: Whatever.
    You: Atheism must die
    Stranger: Yeah, I like my imaginary friends too.
    You: That imaginary friends lame is one big cliche
    You: you should find one of your own metaphors sometime
    You: kido
    Stranger: Ok pa.
    You: pa? please shut the fuck up
    Stranger: Why?
    You: you really have no idea what you're talking about do you?
    You: Atheists are all sheep
    Stranger: I bet you do.
    You: believing what they're told
    You: of course like your fine self
    Stranger: You know what I believe in?
    Stranger: The Beatles.
    Stranger: And Sex Pistols.
    You: You can't believe in musicians
    You: you know what the sad thing is
    Stranger: I sure can.
    You: you don't actually not believe in god
    You: you just deny his existence
    You: because you're going to hell
    You: and it frightens you
    Stranger: I knew a girl names Wendy once.
    Stranger: He was like you.
    Stranger: Emphasis on he.
    You: I bet you used ask Jeeves for that cheesy joke didn't you?
    You: keep trying
    Stranger: Between heaven and hell, I'll take hell anytime.
    Stranger: All the interesting people of our times are gonna be down there.
    Stranger: I bet heaven is boring as fuck.
    You: but it'd be a pisser
    You: all the pain
    You: i guess
    Stranger: I take it like a man.
    You: I bet you do
    You: you fucking CUNT

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