original descrition : " An FBI training film from 1969, which, in the process of telling you how Molotov cocktails are made, gives all sorts of crazy tips for making them better (e.g. use wine bottles, not beer bottles!). The film has many interesting "signs of the times" they refer to them as "Black power bombs" at one point. It's less known today, but the levels of domestic terrorism (and riots) in the late 1960s and 1970s were MUCH higher than they are today, though the intent was generally not to kill people, just disrupt things. Somehow they managed to get through it without, you know, getting rid of their civil liberties. Go figure.

This is from the National Archives and Records Administration and was originally titled "FIREBOMBS." It is not copyrighted according to NARA. I have improved the color and contrast a bit but it is otherwise unedited."

( i take no credit on this video )